If the circumstances were right - you may have noticed that we have another tab open just incase you decide to navigate away or get distracted… being effective and unobtrusive is the needle we thread - so it will not happen again in the same window.

Knowing who to do this for - and when to do it is part of our algorithm and how we increase leads, sales, and other key performance indicators.

Demo: Shopify

In this example OneMoreThing has been added to a sample Shopify Store.

OneMoreThing can be configured to respond to all, or just one one click of a link on a site. Here, to highlight its selective behavior, it is configured to respond to just the “Compare” link in the desktop version of the navigation header.




With Cloudflare (Content Delivery Network), all code injection and configuration is done via the “One-More-Thing” app (pending).



Adding One-More-Thing to your site